Pinterest Account Optimisation
(Set-up or Clean-Up)

A comprehensive 'done for you' service so that you can get started pinning

In order to set up for success with Pinterest, your business account needs to be optimised before starting an ongoing pinning strategy.

Why is this? Because Pinterest is a

visual search engine

Pinterest is not a social media platform. It’s a platform that people use searching for new ideas + inspiration. To get your content found in relevant search results on Pinterest you need to use an SEO based strategy. Which means keyword research, strategic use of keywords and strong account foundations are important.

Pinterest Account Optimisation

Investing in my Pinterest Account Optimisation Service means that the keyword research, account optimisation and Pinterest board creation is done for you and you can get started on your Pinterest journey with a branded, SEO optimised profile.

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What's Included?

Investment - from AUD $650 for the 'core' (blogger) package or AUD $950 for the 'extended' (ecommerce) package

Step 1

Book in below for a 20-30 minute call to discuss your account optimisation and what I need from you.

Step 2

Complete the onboarding questionnaire

Step 3

After our initial call I will confirm the total cost and send your invoice

Step 4

I do my thing!
Allow approx 2-3 weeks after you invoice has been paid and any requirements have been provided for your account optimisation to be completed

Ready to Optimise your Pinterest Account?

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Hey, I'm Belinda

I’m Bee, the Pinterest strategist behind Your Social Bee, helping heart-centred female entrepreneurs ready to grow their business with the power of Pinterest
(so they can escape the shouty world of social media)

Don’t get me wrong, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are important and have their place in your marketing strategy… But the endless cycle of shouting, creating new posts to pimp your wares to the same group of people every week can be exhausting, especially for introverts (like me).

But when you use Pinterest to market your business, your content lives on…ready to be found by people actively looking for what you have to say – and sell.

LEt me optimise your Pinterest account

So you can save time and fast-track your Pinterest growth and grow your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is important. Pinterest account optimisation involves improving and enhancing your Pinterest business account in order to make your profile, boards, and pins more appealing and discoverable to the Pinterest audience. This ultimately helps to increase your brand’s visibility, drive more traffic to your website and boost conversions.

Pinterest SEO involves optimising your pins, boards and profile with relevant keywords to improve their discoverability in search results. It’s a crucial step for any Pinterest marketing strategy.

Setting up strong Pinterest foundations is important because it lays the groundwork for a successful presence on the platform.

Starting with an optimised Pinterest account increases the likelihood of your content (pins) appearing in Pinterest’s search results and recommendations and helps make your profile more appealing to a broader and more relevant audience of followers.

This is a comprehensive ‘done for you’ service which includes niche specific keyword research, profile and bio setup, claiming your website, creating and optimising relevant Pinterest boards, and creating optimised pins. 

There is additional work involved for a product based business account set up. This is because we need to create additional pins (content) to showcase your products, and to populate your Pinterest boards.

Note that the ‘core’ Pinterest account optimisation package includes 10 branded pins and is suitable as a starting point for service providers, bloggers, podcasters etc. The ‘extended’ package includes an additional 25 branded pins and is recommended for those with a significant amount of content.

For product based businesses and ecommerce stores, the ‘extended’ package must be booked (ie core package is not an option).

Yes, having a Pinterest business account provides access to valuable analytics and features (such as claiming your website) which are necessary for Pinterest marketing. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account we can assist with the initial sign up, as part of the optimisation service.

Yes, the Pinterest optimisation service can be beneficial for online business owners and content creators looking to increase their online presence and drive traffic to their websites.

Hiring a Pinterest Strategist to optimise your Pinterest account can save you time, fast track your results and ensure that your Pinterest account is set up for success. The Pinterest optimisation process can be quite time-consuming – from keyword research and board set up to pin creation and strategy development.

Your Social Bee’s Pinterest Account Optimisation service allows you to get started on your Pinterest journey with a branded, optimised profile.

Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks after you invoice has been paid and any requirements have been provided for your account optimisation to be completed

Ready to optimise your Pinterest account?

This is a comprehensive ‘done for you’ service so that you can get started pinning and growing!