Digital Marketing Strategy for Business: Pinterest vs YouTube

What is the difference between Pinterest and other marketing platforms for business? In this blog post series I am outlining some of the differences between Pinterest and other platforms, including YouTube.

This is Part 2 of a 3 part mini series. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here:

Pinterest vs Instagram: A Comparison


Pinterest vs YouTube


Firstly, YouTube is a video based platform.

Pinterest is image based, but has recently introduced video pins which are starting to take off and become quite popular. So essentially both formats work for Pinterest.

YouTube and Pinterest are both search engines

YouTube is a search engine for video. And as covered in Part 1 of this series (Pinterest vs Instagram), Pinterest is a visual search engine.


There are 3 billion searches each month on YouTube, and 2 billion searches each month on Pinterest. Both of these are pretty significant metrics.


On both platforms, SEO optimisation and strategy matter. Pinterest and YouTube each has its own unique algorithm for ranking in search results. The algorithm will obviously differ for each platform, but they follow a similar sort of concept.

Furthermore, content that performs well and generates traffic on Pinterest or YouTube, will often also rank well on Google.


Informative and value giving content such as how-to’s and tutorials perform well

Content wise, some of the popular content on YouTube include how-to tutorials, product reviews, webinars, and other education type content as well as entertainment videos eg music videos.

Pinterest is primarily image based, and links to blogs, vlogs and podcasts (including how-to’s and tutorials) as well as to landing pages and product listings within an online store. You can also link to YouTube videos, and there are also plenty of infographics, quotes and pretty images.


Every pin image on Pinterest allows a clickable link to a third party URL. YouTube also allows clickable links – you can have links within a video and also within the video description.


Can you buy on these platforms? Yes, it’s possible to buy from both platforms (I’m not familiar with the statistics of how often this happens on YouTube). However, Pinterest is very well known as a shoppers platform.

90% of users say that they access Pinterest to help them make a purchase decision.

Here is a summary comparison of YouTube and Pinterest.

The next post will be a comparison between Pinterest and Facebook.

Click through to read Part 3 here.


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