Is Pinterest the right marketing strategy for your business?

“Will Pinterest work for my small business?”

This is a question that I often get asked…..
Many people have the misconception that Pinterest only works for certain types of businesses. Or certain niches. This isn’t necessarily true though.

Today I am going to discuss the main requirements when determining if Pinterest could benefit your small business.


1. Do you have a website?

One of the main goals of a Pinterest marketing strategy is to increase your website traffic. Pinterest makes it very easy for users to click through to your site – simply by clicking on your pins they will be directed through to the specific URL link that you provided when creating the pin. If you don’t have website that you can direct users to and track visits, then you aren’t really getting the benefits of Pinterest.

I would highly recommend setting up your business website before implementing a Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pro Tip: If you are in the process of building your website and intend to use Pinterest to market your business then you can plan ahead and make sure your website provides a great user experience (eg. fast loading time, easy navigation, logical flow, clear branding, relevant CTAs) so that you will be ready to optimise that Pinterest traffic when the time comes.


2. Do you create Regular Content?

Do you create content such as blogs, videos, how to guides etc?

As already mentioned, Pinterest can help you drive to your website, but it is difficult to do so without content.

Firstly, because you need that content to entice users to click through. Let’s use blog articles as an example. Say you create a weekly blog to educate or inspire your audience. You would ‘pin’ this article to Pinterest by creating an (amazing) image that outlines exactly what your blog post is about, and linking it directly to that particular blog URL. By using eye catching and relevant images and text overlay, you can convey to users what you content is about and entice them to click through and read more.

Secondly, so that you can provide value to the user. You don’t want people to be clicking through to your website and leaving straight away because there is no content for them to consume. Remember that your new website visitor has most likely clicked through to your site because they are interested in your niche/topic (97% of content on Pinterest is found via search). Therefore,

  • if your content is helpful and relevant to what the pinner was expecting when they clicked on your pin, and
  • you are able to direct them to other blog posts, video tutorials or optins,

then you are providing great value to your new website visitor. As a result, they are more likely to engage with your other content, sign up to your list, follow your accounts, and/or make a purchase from you.

Pro Tip: If you already have your website set up but haven’t started a blog yet then this might be the push you need to start creating content. When thinking about your blog images you may want to consider creating Pinterest optimised images. I will go deeper into creating pin images in a later blog post. But a few basic tips for creating pins would be to use high quality and relevant images, a 2:3 ratio and to have clear and easy to read text overlay.

That’s really it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a service based or product based business.

Whilst it is true that certain industries and niches do really well on Pinterest…… there are plenty of small businesses outside of these “popular categories” that also perform well.

As long as you have that content and somewhere to drive the traffic, then it is worth considering Pinterest for your business.


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By Belinda Rigano

Belinda is a Pinterest Strategist and the face behind Your Social Bee. She works with heart centred women in business and helps them to grow their business using Pinterest and content marketing.

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