About Bee

Pinterest Manager Australia

On social media, people are looking for a distraction,
but on Pinterest, they’re looking for a solution.  Where are you marketing your business?


I’m Bee, the  Pinterest strategist  behind Your Social Bee,  helping heart-centred female entrepreneurs ready to grow their business with the power of Pinterest
(so they can escape the shouty world of social media)

Don’t get me wrong, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are important and have their place in your marketing strategy…….. But the endless cycle of shouting creating new posts to pimp your wares to the same group of people every week can be exhausting, especially for introverts (like me).

That’s exactly why I love Pinterest as an evergreen SEO strategy for getting traffic to your website and growing your business.

What does that mean?

Well, if you ran a Facebook ads campaign, the second your budget is spent the results stop.

The same goes for posting in groups. Take a break and you have to spend three months reintroducing yourself.

But when you use Pinterest to market your business, your content lives on……

ready to be found by people actively looking for what you have to say – and sell

What Belinda doesn’t know about Pinterest isn’t worth knowing.

She’ll give you actionable steps that take your Pinterest to the next level.

My stats are on the rise again and it’s showing in my site visits.

~Jane Lamason


Pinterest Manager Australia

Your Social Bee - small business marketing using Pinterest


Digging deep to shine a light on your business

I help my clients send warm traffic (instead of tyre kickers) to their websites by digging deep to really get to know their business and point of view. By pairing creativity with actionable insights, I help keep their business booked out and busy.

Because you’re sitting on a goldmine of content…

and when you know what to do, it’s easy to set yourself up for success.


“…in less than a month I’ve quadrupled

my number of followers and had a

pin repinned 1100 times!

~ Weena Dore


Spiritually centred, detail-oriented

My clients run product or service-based businesses in the spirituality, health and wellness and environmentally-conscious realms. They’re here to make a positive difference to the world and the people in it.

My own journey to spirituality was unconventional. After years of travelling and jumping between corporate jobs, I knew I wanted something different. That led to a journey of self-discovery, courage, entrepreneurship and motherhood, making peace with my dual analytical and spiritual nature, and turning one of my passions – exploring Pinterest rabbit holes – into my purpose.


“Pinterest has always been a fun place to play and collect pretty pics of what I want

 my house, body and wardrobe to look like…but you made it SOOOOOO clear and easy

 to see how it could benefit service-based benefit businesses as well…

(Hello, 1680x time longer that your content stays relevant)…

You’re a super star, Belinda

~ Claire Riley


My life is like a Pinterest Board 

When I’m not falling down a Pinterest rabbit hole, you’ll find me with my two adorable but also moderately crazy tiny humans, sneaking off for a Pilates session at the beach or connecting with family and friends.

I love Pinterest and the relief it gives for the quiet achievers in the world seeking refuge from shouting on social media


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